About Us

EXESO has over 30 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry.  Our strategic alliance with one of the largest land service firms in the United States provides a vast network with hundreds of touch points ranging across all the major on-shore basins in the United States.  Our seasoned professionals provide the necessary services to take your idea from a vision to an operating asset.  Additionally, EXESO provides a wide range of services to companies with existing assets looking to acquire, divest, build-out and or bolt-on new infrastructure and services.   

Water Management Solutions

EXESO is leading the way in helping clients to identify, acquire, and develop sustainable water sources, deal with complex water reuse, disposal and permitting issues, and address other critical water needs related to land and energy development.  Water management costs can equate to up to 10% of a wells operating expense. EXESO consultants can help producers, operators, and service providers with the key issues and challenges in the area of water management, based on the specific area involved. EXESO delivers effective plans that address cost control, risk mitigation, regulatory influences (present and projected), and operational performance.  In addition, we have expertise in marketing and business development that we bring to our clients to maximize their current and future water related assets and resources.

Midstream Solutions

EXESO consultants are experienced in pipeline design, engineering, right of way, and construction and deliver a broad scope of services for oil, gas, and water infrastructure including gathering systems, and the like.  EXESO is a leader in the current trends of oil, gas, and water infrastructure performing field services, project management, route selection, surveying, right of way acquisition, engineering and construction. In addition, EXESO has the capability of delivering turnkey build-outs for infrastructure ranging in size and stage of development.  EXESO is also often engaged to deliver business development and marketing for infrastructure resources, both existing and for the new projects coupled with design and construction. 

Asset Brokering Solutions

EXESO consultants represent buyers and sellers to maximize assets by providing a scope of services that includes asset advisory and marketing, market intelligence, due diligence, and management.  EXESO has knowledge of available resources and opportunities, many before they are even public knowledge.  Our clients retain us to search for assets to acquire or for assistance with divesting their assets.  Equally important is the due diligence function EXESO performs to insure a buyer is getting what they are paying for, or to best position an asset for a seller to insure a smooth closing.  In addition, we have expertise in marketing and business development that we bring to bear for our clients to maximize their assets of all types and sizes.